Javascript in HTML question type

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    There are a few problems with the HTML question type javascript box, such as:

    • Cannot be resized
    • Cannot use single line comments
    • Cannot ignore semi-colons
    • Cannot use $ for jQuery

    One way around all these problems is to save your javascript as a .js file and upload it to the MapleTA site and then include it in the question with (inside the initialize function)

    jQuery.getScript("LOCATION_OF_YOUR_JS_FILE", function() {...});

    Where inside the function(){...} you can use any functions defined in your file.

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    It is worth mentioning that by default .js files are not an allowed file type in Maple T.A.. You should speak to about getting .js added to the list of allowed file types on your instance of Maple T.A.

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    @jmtrik If .js files are not allowed, you can get around this by uploading them as .txt and linking to those.

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