Question Chaining vs Adaptive Questions

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    In prior to Maple TA 9 versions, the only way to adapt Question or an Assignment to the student answers was Question Chaining. It meant that each question in an assignment, was designed to behave differently depending on the answers of the previous questions. This required Instructors to create reference objects the questions and call them in one of the next questions. The calls could be either the grade or actual student answer:


    Since the values of both response and grade could change during the assignment, it could not be used in the algorithm, making this technique particularly challenging for the beginners. Additionally, these questions were tight together, requiring specific question order in the assignment.

    With the modern Maple T.A. versions, Question Chaining is been replaced by Adaptive Questions and Adaptive Assignments. The Adaptive Questions allows Instructor to adjust behaviour of the question itself, giving more freedom in the question design. With Adaptive Assignments Instructors are now able to separate questions into different branches or difficulty levels in a more flexible and powerful way.

    At this point in time, Question Chaining has a very niche application and is grossly overpassed by Adaptive Questions and Assignments, and is discouraged to use.

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