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    This may have been asked elsewhere or in documentation so I apologize if it is a dumb question. I would like to have a 3D plot (using plot3d() or otherwise) in a Mobius question which allows the student to move the plot to view it from different perspectives. Essentially what Maple does using plot3d().  It would appear the basic plotmaple() has not way to do this but is there some obvious method I am missing? All suggestions welcome.


    Andrew McConnell


  • Hi Andrew,

    Unfortunately the plotmaple command is a static image, but if you setup a plot component in Maple (using the same plotting code), and then save that worksheet, then you can import the worksheet as an interactive Math App into Möbius (apologies, this part of our new help system is under construction, but it links to our old help page on Math Apps for now).

    Then the student will be able to interact with the worksheet and move the plot.

    More complex apps can be constructed and graded - see the Math Apps in Maple or our Math App Authoring Guidelines.

  • I might suggest an animated 3d plot.  This way the object moves on its own to show all sides.  Animated plots will work with the plotmaple command.

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