Updating Question Solutions

  • After creating an assignment, and receiving student's solutions to the assignment, I discovered that I'd made a mistake in the answer to one of the questions. I've gone back and fixed it so that anybody in the future will have their solution checked correctly, but how do I roll out the changes for those students who have just taken the test? I've manually regraded each student - could I have done this automatically? Also, if I look at the gradebook, and look at student responses, it still shows my original incorrect answer under "Correct response". How can I get that updated so that students aren't confused if they come back and try to use what they've done for revision purposes?

  • To the best of my understanding the ability to re-score miss-keyed responses is a feature request (https://ideas.digitaled.com/) and not part of the current release.  Also, and this part is something I am not 100% sure of, if Student A attempted the original question they will see the original question in their gradebook.  While if Student B attempted the "revised" question they will see the "revised" question in their gradebook.  It would be far more confusing if everyone saw the revised question, even though half of them were graded with miss-keyed answer.  To this end, I would recommend using the "edit question comment" field when manually correcting the miss-keyed student responses.

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