Using plotmaple to return multiple plots

  • I need to generate 4 different plots (one for each multiple choice option).

    Is there a way to get all 4 plots using just one plotmaple call?

    I currently have 4, and the question seems sluggish when previewing.  I'm wondering if it is because of all the back and forth between Maple TA and Maple.

  • Hi Sarah,

    4 separate calls for plots shouldn't be sluggish, I would follow up with support on that concern, however you also have the following option:

    I have used this many times..  use the Plots:-display command to display multiple color plots on the same grid, with a legend indicating what choice is what line.  For example redLine=choiceA blueLine=choiceB..   etc

    Here is a simple to follow example that illustrates this and also uses an algorithmic answer in the multiple choice: 

    Link to .zip file that can be imported into your Mobius Course (it contains a single question).

    Hope it works out for you,


  • Have you tried using an array of plots?


    display(A,axes=normal,scaling=constrained,size=[300, 300])

  • This post is deleted!

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