Displaying unsimplified expressions

  • The following works in Maple proper, but not in Mobius.  Why is that?

    use InertForm:-NoSimpl in a:=2*(3*x) end use;

    My goal is to display 2(3x) or even 2*(3*x). But definitely not 6x. Works in Maple, but Mobius gives Typesetting errors when I try to use Display.

    I'm trying to avoid solutions that involve strings since that introduces a whole other can of worms regarding whether or not the signs are positive/negative, and whether or not 1's should be displayed ...

    Sarah Chan.

  • The Display command uses the Typesetting package native to Maple Document mode. However since Möbius is a web app, everything needs to be converted into MathML (or LaTeX or similar) to be supported by the browsers.

    The closest I can think of (with this method) is the following: $a=maple("use InertForm:-NoSimpl in a:=2(3*x) end use; printf(InertForm:-ToMathML(a));");

    But I don't know if that will generalize well to the rest of your problem.

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