Manipulate the preview of Maple graded Question

  • For a maple graded question I want the preview to show something different then it does now. How can I manipulate the preview to get what I need.

    This is what I get when stating: maple("printf(MathML[ExportPresentation]($VP1))"); 

    How do I tell Maple to write it this way in a more readable format: 

  • It depends on the whole question - you would need to be able to change how $VP1 is written. 

    Can you please provide the full algorithm code?

  • My algoritm is:

    $MI = "sqrt(E)/rho/H[m]";

    $DF1 = "(1/4)*H[m]*sqrt(3)*a^2*L*rho";
    $DFpartial = "H[m]*a^2*rho";
    $fact1 = "H[m]*rho/sqrt(E)";
    $DF2 = "$fact1*sqrt(sqrt(3)*L^5*S/32)"; #omdat kleine fouten hier niet worden aangerekend, volstaat dit

    $fact2 = "E*a^4";
    $RV1 = "$fact2*2*sqrt(3)/L^3";
    $RVdisplay = maple("printf(MathML[ExportPresentation]($RV1))");

    #Vrije Parameter
    $VPdisplay = maple("printf(MathML[ExportPresentation]($VP1))");

  • I think Maple is attempting to simplify the expression. Changing $VP1="(sqrt(6)/6)*(L^3*S/E)^(1/4)"; should help, but still sqrt(3)/6 is shown as 1/6*sqrt(3)

    You cannot use the Equation Editor in this case?

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