Automatic logoff settings

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    Is it possible to change the length of time before a user is prompted by a dialogue box to remain logged in? In our testing of Maple T.A. 2016.1, we have been prompted quite often to click to remain logged in. Our concern is that our student assessments can be up to two hours in length and are proctored, so we wouldn't want to waste student and proctor time signing them back into Maple T.A. So what would be the best way to ensure that this does not happen?

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    By default, Maple TA is configured to log out the user after 30 minutes of inactivity. Browsing through and answering questions, clicking on "Verify" etc. will reset it back to 30 minutes. 
    The pop-up appears after 25 minutes of inactivity, clicking on "extend session" during the next 5 minutes will reset it back to 30 minutes as well. If the user is too late and clicks "OK" past 30 minutes mark, Maple TA will redirect to the login page. 
    If one single question takes more than 30 minutes to solve on paper and causes Maple TA log out in the mean time, I would strongly suggest to split it up into multiple parts (multiple questions or multiple verify sections within one single question). Not because of the logout issue, but because it will give you a better insight on the student's ability and provide you with more flexibility on partial grading.

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