Using *.mla repositories in MathApps

  • Hi, I am curious about how to apply commands from an *.mla repository file in the startup code for a MathApp question. I have put a repository file called GEO3.mla into our server folder [https://. . . ./Public_Html/] (which contains all the other material, figures, etc., for our class), so that the full path to the repository file is [https://. . . ./Public_Html/GEO3.mla].

    How do I then make sure that a given startup code will be able to find and run the commands in GEO3.mla? I have tried to insert various libname extensions into the head of the startup code, e.g. as follows:

    libname :=  libname, "https://. . . /Public_Html/";

    but it does not seem to activate the commands in the repository file when calling them via the MathApp question in MapleTA. Does it require a special type of libname extension or a special location of the *.mla file?

    Thank you very much in advance!

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    @Steen I think this is because the MathApp is looking for the mla file on the local file system. I would suggest you ask @Anatoly is looking at this for you, we'll post it here or DM you if we work anything out.

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    Does loading the mla file from a https/http server work in desktop Maple?

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    Usage of libraries in MathApps has been determined to be a security concern is no longer allowed on the hosted instances. If you're working on self-hosted (university hosted) instances, then this can be overridden by: 

    1. Stop Tomcat
    2. Open <Tomat>/webapps/maplenet/WEB-INF/classes/
    3. Find definition of kernel.localhost.program_args
    4. Add the following to the end of the definition (w/o quotes):
    “—secure-read=<MapleTA10>/maple/records/…” where <MapleTA> is full path to your MapleTA installation folder.
    5. Start Tomcat.

    I hope this helps!

  • Thanks for looking into this! Unfortunately we do not (yet) have a local server for MapleTA, but this security issue could be an argument for becoming self-hosted. One way around the concrete problem (without self-hosting, I think) is to embed the needed (if not all) *.mla procedures directly via manual copy-paste into the startup code from the worksheet that defines the *.mla file. But this, of course, is much more cumbersome than the wished-for simple one-line reference to the *.mla file itself.

    Your answer, however, then also induces a similar question concerning the use of repository files inside MapleTA itself, as thoroughly explained in:
    Admittedly, I did not check this out yet, but the question is, if this functionality also has been depreciated or blocked in the meantime?

    Thank you very much in advance!

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