Grading hyperbolic and trigonometric expressions in Maple T.A.

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    If you want to grade hyperbolic or trigonometric expressions in T.A. you can use convert(..., expln). This would then allow students to enter hyperbolic, trigonometric or exponential forms.

    Note: You must you choose Maple syntax for the expression type in the Maple-graded answer box.

    Some examples


    $TA = "(exp(x)-exp(-x))/2";
    $RESPONSE = "sinh(x)";
    evalb(convert($TA-$RESPONSE = 0, expln));


    $TA = "(exp(I*x)-exp(-I*x))/(2*I)";
    $RESPONSE = "sin(x)";
    evalb(convert($TA-$RESPONSE = 0, expln));

    Remember you may need to use commands like simplify or expand to test equality for more complicated expressions. Of course you can always use the following general purpose grading code

    evalb(convert(simplify(expand(simplify($RESPONSE-$TA, symbolic)), symbolic), expln) = 0)

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